5 Multi Uses for 303® Protectants & Cleaners

With Summer in full swing, one thing we all love to do is get out and clean our pride and joy, but did you know that your four wheeled friend isn’t the only one to benefit from the use of 303 products?


Here we will take a look at some unexpected uses that yield great results.

Pool Liners

When the sun is shining down, nothing beats jumping in a cool refreshing pool. Although using it is fun, chances are you dread the unpleasant experience of cleaning the pool liner. However, it doesn’t have to be such a harrowing task if you are armed with the right tools. You can quickly and safely remove dirt, stains and residue by using 303® Indoor & Outdoor Multi-Surface Cleaner™.

Drive Way Spots

We all know that like man’s best friend, our cars can leave behind some unpleasant surprises and like many people, most of us believe that oil stains on the driveway are there for good! The great news is that you don’t have to replace your driveway to get rid of the unsightly stains, just clean it using 303® Spot Cleaner. The product cleans up oil marks and other bothersome residue so you can stop strategically parking your car to cover the spots and stay on the good side of your better half!


With the sun beating down its always a good idea to keep your protective eye wear clean, but cleaning your lenses without leaving streaks or smudges is an art few have mastered. Whilst many of us settle for using our clothing to keep them clean, 303® Aerospace Protectant™ once again comes to the rescue to quickly clean the lenses, allowing you to start seeing clearly again.

Kayaks and Canoes

UV rays can cause damage to a boat’s surfaces over time, but to help restore lost colour and protect against harmful UV damage, use 303® Aerospace Protectant. The protectant also helps repel dust and stains and being anti-static, you won't have to worry about static electricity shocks when you haul your boat down to the water. Brilliant!

BBQ Cover

Nothing beats lighting up the barbeque and throwing on a few snags, but usually it doesn’t always look so pretty when it’s not in use. 303® Indoor & Outdoor Multi-Surface Cleaner™ works wonders by cleaning the cover, leaving a great looking BBQ all year round.