It is summertime and you know what that means? Car wash season! If you’re too impatient to wait for your new 303 car wash products to arrive, use the following eight household car cleaning hacks to detail and clean your car in the meantime.






Coffee Filters, Q-Tips, Baking Soda, Dryer Sheets, Clear Nail Polish, Sticky Tack, Toothpaste, and Cooking Spray.




Coffee filters are made to withstand large amounts of liquid without breaking apart, even with prolonged water exposure. They are inexpensive, available practically everywhere, and tear resistant. They give a streak-free shine because they don’t leave lint stuck to the windows.

Spray on the glass cleaner, stack three to four filters on top of each other, and then wipe away the cleaner. By using more than one filter and stacking them together, it allows for more cleaner to be absorbed quicker. Inspect your windows when you’re finished to find it squeaky clean!

DIY Car Detailing min


Q-TIPS are handy from beauty uses to automotive uses. They can reach corners and crevices that no finger or towel can. Just soak the Q-Tip in cleaner and begin to sweep over the dusty areas while using a vacuum to suck up the escapees. When you’ve treated every crevice, throw out the Q-Tip and your car should be completely dust-free!


One of baking sodas many uses is eliminating the scent of unwanted odours. By creating your own air freshener, you know exactly what’s going on inside of it and it’s cheaper than buying one from the store.

First, find a small jar in your home not being used, add ½ cup of baking soda in the jar. Next, release 15-20 drops of your favourite essential oil and finally cover the jar with either fabric or a cap with holes punched into it so the mouthwatering flavor can replenish your car!

Detail Your Car at Home min


Dryer sheets do not scratch your car and they save you hard work & time. The proper use for the sheets is to spray the bumper with water to create a smoother area for the dryer sheet to works it magic, then dampen the dryer sheet with water (or dip the sheet in your car wash), and begin to wipe off the bugs and or tar off. Repeat these steps if necessary. When you’re finished there will be no bugs in sight! Dryer sheets are easier to use, save time, and make your car smell extremely fresh.



Want to prevent a small crack in your windshield from turning into a larger crack that can eventually break your windshield? Try this solution: clear nail polish!

First move your car under a shaded area to prevent the sun drying the nail polish too quickly as well as to see the crack perfectly. Next apply a light coat to the outside and inside of the windshield; make sure to cover the entire crack! Lastly move your car into direct sunlight and or allow it to dry overnight in the shade. Make sure the nail polish is completely dry before you drive your car again!


Blu-Tack is clean, safe, and extremely easy to use. It’s re-usable, you don’t need much of it, and it doesn’t leave residue! First grab a small amount of Blu-Tack and apply it to the dirt filled area in your car. Next, hold down the Blue-Tack for a few seconds and then lift and remove it. The dirt on your car has disappeared and the area looks brand new!


To solve the issue of cloudy headlights, use the best whitener dentists recommend… toothpaste! Toothpaste is very inexpensive and really brightens up your cloudy headlights.

First, squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on a microfibre towel and use circular motions to spread the toothpaste evenly on the headlight. Continue to buff until there is no residue left from the toothpaste. Using this method saves a lot of time, and can be done practically anywhere!

Clean Your Headlights at Home min


Cooking spray keeps dirt and brake-dust off tyres. Some tyre cleaners/sprays dry out the tyre, but cooking spray nourishes the rubber. The oil will make your tyres look wet and glossy.

Spray a very generous amount of the cooking spray onto the dirty tyre and then quickly wipe it off using a microfibre towel. Try to only use this method occasionally; using it too much can potentially damage your tyres. This method is an environmentally friendly cheap alternative.

*Note: These eight hacks are great as alternatives for when you run out of certain cleaning products. The downside to using these hacks all the time is potentially damaging your car. To get the safest and best looking results though, use 303 Products!