Protecting Your Convertible and Tonneau Cover

When washing your car, it’s just as important to clean your tonneau cover or convertible top as it is to clean the rest of your car.


Whilst it’s essential to keep a regular schedule of cleaning these non-metal parts of your car, sometimes you’re unable to keep them looking clean using only soap and water. In this article we will look at a number of things that can be done to keep your fabric or vinyl surfaces looking top notch.

One of the easiest ways to keep your tonneau cover or convertible top looking like new is to keep your vehicle garaged or parked under cover as much as possible. Sun, rain, leaves and tree sap will quickly take the vibrancy out of your tonneau cover or top. When washing your car, it is important to ensure you spend time focusing on these areas, general cleaning in the form of soapy water and a soft brush should be fine for week to week maintenance.

However, when the going gets tough and you need to provide these areas of your car or ute with a proper clean, we recommend using a product such as 303 Tonneau and Convertible Top Cleaner. This high quality 303 product will work on vinyl or fabric tonneau covers, convertible tops and even car bras. The process in using the product is very simple:

1. Wash the surface with water
2. Remove any remaining water by gently patting surface dry
3. Spray 303 Tonneau and Convertible Top Cleaner
4. Agitate Lightly with a soft nylon brush, terry cloth rag or sponge
5. For difficult stains, let the product sit for 20 minutes before lightly scrubbing to loosen the stain
6. Rinse clean

Factoring 303 Tonneau and Convertible Top Cleaner into your regular maintenance and cleaning schedule will ensure that the whole of your car remains looking its best for many years to come.